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Tips for a Modest Capsule Wardrobe - Salt and Honey

Tips for a Modest Capsule Wardrobe

If you’ve ever stood in front of your closet and thought, “I don’t have anything to wear!?” . . . you’re not alone!

However, a curated, thoughtful wardrobe can reduce the overwhelm and help you look pulled together with a few key pieces.  Your capsule wardrobe should be simple, but also fit your lifestyle – whether it’s casual or dressy. Fewer, but favorite, pieces that can be mixed and matched, elevated or relaxed, will eliminate the decision-making fatigue! 

essential tee

To get started, survey your closet and dresser drawers.  Which tops are too snug, or have never hung right?  Do you have a skirt you love . . . but only if someone else wears it?  Take a step back and notice the colors that seem awkward or prints that stand out and items you’re uncertain how to pair.  Get rid of them!! It’s a relief to shed extra “stuff.”  If you have gently used skirts that someone else might love, please drop them off at our Rittman location for our used skirt exchange. Decluttering must be intentional, and you’ll benefit yourself with an effortless and classic closet, while blessing other women.      

Once you’ve decluttered and streamlined, start with a base for your wardrobe.  Neutrals are versatile, working in your favor, since you can use them to create a wide range of outfits that will stay fresh rather than looking too-quickly dated.  

  1. Begin with your skirts. Choose basics such as black, khaki or olive tones, plus some denims.  Add in a few soft, knit maxis too.  Depending on your needs, choose elastic waist or back-zip skirts as flexible alternatives to the traditional front-button closures and less forgiving waistbands.  An a-line skirt or long straight skirt is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, as it works well with almost everything from flats to boots.    
  2. Review your layering tops. Most likely these will be white, black or maybe navy.  Depending on your preference, they could be tanks or tops with sleeves, but all layering tops should have a neckline with a neat, snug fit without tugging or choking you!  These tops are the basis for your outfit and can be worn under dresses or sweaters that wouldn’t be modest without!  Since they’re not exciting, it’s easy to overlook these essential pieces and wear them past their intended lifespan – but please do pitch the ones with sagging necklines and grayed or yellowed appearance!  A crisp layering top is not expensive and will give your outfit fresh appeal.
  3. Add some basic tees to your wardrobe. These can be worn under sweaters for additional warmth in the winter month, or alone in the summer.  Start with neutrals such as white, black, gray or chambray.  We don’t just love turtle-necks, but if you’re craving that extra sensation of warmth, go for it!  Choose a few tees in colors such as pine, burgundy or dusty rose for winter months and lighter tones such as seaglass or clay for warmer weather.  Or go for a pop of pattern – a favorite of ours is stripes, but dots and florals are pleasant too!   
    capsule wardrobe essential tee
  4. Incorporate layering pieces: sweaters, vests, cardigans, jackets and blazers. Choose ones that fit your style and invest in those.  This is a good time to add some variety through texture and accent colors.  When you choose to dress modestly, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid too-tight looks without becoming “baggy.”  Smart layering is here to rescue you!  A cardigan or vest can be worn over tighter tops and a well chosen blazer or jacket over a looser piece give definition to the overall look.

You don’t need a lot of clothes – you just need to choose wisely.  With a small selection of versatile clothing you can create a wide variety of outfit combinations that will elevate your wardrobe to something classic and effortless. 

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